UCSD Radical Rush Week & Disorientation

01/11/2012 4:00 pm
01/18/2012 6:30 pm

Radical Rush Week features heaps of events with live music, spoken word, speakers, and conversations on issues from food justice, anti-consumerism and global health to feminist ideology, political participation and institutional racism. We're gearing up for the Regents meeting at UC Riverside on Thurs. 1/19, building community and sharing resources! View the whole schedule of events below.

It's a great opportunity for folks from all levels of knowledge about progressive activism to find something to get involved with on campus. We'll be joined throughout the week by many student groups including: the Co-op Union, Student Sustainability Collective, Public Education Coalition, Student Worker Collective, Engineers for a Sustainable World, People for the Elimination of Animal Cruelty through Education (PEACE), Student Organized Voter Access Committee, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, Students for Justice in Palestine, Student Affirmative Action Committee, and more!; plus all of the Resource Centers and several campus departments, faculty and staff.

-We're tabling every day of RRW by the Silent Tree so you can come by, meet us and get more information.

-Also check out "The Protester" photogallery at the Old Student Center courtyard all week, highlighting events of 2011 from the Arab Spring and International People's Movements to Occupy Wall St. and UC campus actions.

▲WED JAN 11TH: Marking the 10th Anniversary of unlawful detentions at Guantanamo
4-6pm @ Porter's Pub // "U.S. Militarization from Guantanamo to Home Soil" panel and Q&A (speakers include Profs. Ricardo Dominguez, Charles Thorpe, Fatima El-Tayeb, Luis Martin-Cabrera)

7-9pm @ Groundwork Books // screening of "Taxi to the Dark Side", a documentary examining the USA's policy on torture and interrogation

4-6pm @ Porter's Pub // "Reclaim Education: Why We Must Act" panel and Q&A (speakers possibly including Profs. Jorge Mariscal, Ivan Evans, Yen Espiritu)

7-9pm @ Groundwork Books // screening of "Declining by Degrees", a documentary on the implications of the trend toward privatization of higher education

▲ FRI JAN 13TH: DISORIENTATION DAY! (http://www.facebook.com/events/202824443143531/)
11am-5pm @ the Old Student Center // live performances, org tabling, a Really Really Free Market, free food, workshops, documentary marathon [feat. Food Inc., America the Beautiful, The Corporation, The People Speak]

7pm-1am @ Che Cafe // DISORIENTATION DISCO hosted by MEChA. Live music feat: The Shag Rats, The Sloths, The Short Eyes, & Eskera

▲ MON JAN 16TH: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

All Day @ Groundwork Books // Documentary marathon [feat. Tapped, Blue Gold, Gasland, Killing Us Softly, Inside Job, Occupation 101], bring snacks and a friend!

12-3pm @ the Hump [the grassy knoll in front of Main Gym) // RECLAIM THE HUMP Action, Activist Theatre [this spot used to be a radical organizing and rally space until the Hump was installed by admin]

6pm // Buses to UC Riverside to protest the UC Regents meeting (held Thurs Jan 19th)

Event Location: 
UCSD Campus, Old Student Center area