Ocupemos "Occupy the Dream" MLK Jr. Parade & Candle Light Vigil

01/15/2012 1:30 pm

Come and join Ocupemos El Barrio/ Occupy the Hood- San Diego, Occupy San Diego and other Occupy groups around the county and Veterans for Peace as part of the nationwide "Occupy the Dream" effort to promote the true spirit of Dr. King: Justice, Equality and Peace for all. Come and speak out and be part of a movement that continues his legacy of challenging social injustices, racial discrimination, inequality and abuse and terror by government agencies we see today.

We plan on marching holding arms, wearing white shirts to symbolize peace and we plan on having songs being sung during the parade. Please familiarize yourselves with a few of the songs and we will print out lyrics for everyone to use. You do not have to sing if you do not want and you can wear anything you would like to, of course:

Top Ten Civil Rights Protest Songs - http://newsone.com/nation/casey-gane-mccalla/top-10-civil-rights-protest-songs-of-all-time/

Signs that show quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. are encouraged and all hate speech is strongly discouraged as that is a symbol of conflict not peace. After the parade there will be a candle light vigil held in together with many other Occupy groups in the country and the world.

*****We are officially recognized as part of the parade so do not have fear, bring your whole family to this great moment in history.*****

*****STAGING AREA - The staging area for the parade will be the County Administrative Bldg. on Harbor Drive. Please arrive about an hour ahead of time, but no later than 1:30PM for organizational purposes, and so we can all get to know each other. Look for the VFP flags with the white dove logo and the Occupy members. Bring water and sun hats and good walking shoes.********

Martin Luther King Parade @ 2pm (Meet at 12:30)
1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA

"Occupy The Dream" Martin Luther King Jr. Candle Light Vigil
@5pm Freedom Plaza (1100 3rd Ave, San Diego CA

Link to the same event: https://www.facebook.com/events/217070298376599/

"Occupy The Dream" - http://www.occupydream.org/

Event Location: 
1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA