Patrice Lumumba film screening a success! Que Viva Lumumba-Zapata

Abel Macias

On Friday January 20 the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) held a film screening of “Independence Cha-Cha, the Story of Patrice Lumumba”. This event was held in solidarity with the other events scheduled for the month of January to celebrate the uprising of the Zapatista Liberation Army in Chiapas in 1994. The PSL has been actively involved in the planning and participating in the Enero Zapatista celebration for the last two years.

We held the event at what was formerly known as the Freeskool at 4246 Wightman Street in the community of East San Diego, which has been renamed City Heights. The event was in the small community space in the backyard and the room was packed with over 17 people who attended.

Comrade Irvin introduced the Party for Socialism and Liberation and why we decided to participate in the Enero Zapatista celebration and why we chose this film. “The PSL stands for the liberation of all people, socialist or not who are fighting for liberation and freedom from dominance and control under U.S. imperialism” (Irvin). We also recognized the rich history of solidarity between the Black and Chicano community as evidenced in the struggle to name Third College at UCSD after Patrice Lumumba and Emiliano Zapata in 1969. Ironically Lumumba was assassinated in January 16, 1961 by Afrikans who had personal profit on their agenda with the support of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. However, we believe his spirit of liberation for Afrikan people lives on and we remembered him that night with the film and discussion that followed.

One audience member remembered when she attended UCSD in 1975 and commented on the “struggle that was still being waged against the administration at UCSD and the solidarity between Black and Chicano students”.

Many that attended said they learned something new and are now more familiar with this great leader against imperialism and will continue to remember his legacy for years to come.

Comrade Neil then gave an historical update on the struggle in the Congo and other parts of Africa since 1961, which was followed by further discussion.

The PSL thanks all those that attended and looks forward to seeing more people at our next event in February to celebrate Black History month with a public forum on Assata Shakur, the Black Panther who was unfairly tried and faced conviction on fabricated evidence by Philedelphia police. Date and location to be announced. We we will also be at the Enero Zapatista closing event on Sat Jan 28 at the Centro Cultural. For more info on the PSL check out