Corazon del Indymedia


SD Indymedia converged on the Media Arts Center SD in North Park Friday, Jan. 27 as part of one of the final events of Enero Zapatista. The Indymedia Collective introduced the audience to the SD IMC 2011 webpage model, the ten year history of Indymedia in San Diego and spoke about building relationships with compañer@s in Chiapas, Mexico.

The event was a media equipment drive to benefit independent media projects in Chiapas, Mexico. An anonymous donor left a laptop. SD Indymedia will continue collecting laptops, digital and video cameras, audio recorders, and other equipment that is hard to come by in Southern Mexico. To donate equipment contact SD Indymedia. To stay informed of the struggles around Chiapas, visit Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas, [currently undergoing a software update].

Corazón del Tiempo was screened on the theater in development, Media Arts space. The film depicted a couple in struggle, not only with the revolution being fought by the rebel Zapatistas against the Mexican government and para-militaries, but their love and progressive ideas were at odds with the traditional Mayan customs of their village.

Friends from Schools for Chiapas, who organize trips to the Lacondon Jungle to visit Zapatistas, were on hand to speak briefly about the scenes and characters depicted in the film. As the film was shot on location Zapatista territory and the actors are untrained Zapatista actors.

Guests from Ocupemos el Barrio and Occupy San Diego updated us on their current campaign and related the Zapatista struggle to their own.

SD Indymedia also had on hand new SD Indymedia tshirts... if you want one just get in contact! E-mail: or snag one of us at an event.

Post film presentation/conversation coming soon..

Chest solidarity!

SDIMC at the lab

Friends from Schools for Chiapas tabling

Occupy the Hood occupies your mind

Occupy the Barrio

SDIMC Foodies.. baked vegan chocalate chip cookie bar

SDIMC Foodies.. popped vegan organic non-gmo popcorn