Human rights activist Cipriana Jurado: Justice for Maquiladoras in Ciudad Juarez


On Friday, January 13th, Cipriana Jurado presented her work from the last twenty years as human rights defender and advocate for maquila workers. The discussion and presentation took place at the Centro Aztlan Marco Anguiano (2078 Logan Ave. San Diego). Cipriana has been organizing in Ciudad Juarez since the 80's, when at the age of 14 she started working in the maquilas.

Much of Cipriana's work has been addressing the victimization, kidnappings, murder and disappearances of women by the Mexican military. She is a co-founder of Centro de Investigaciones y Solidaridad Obrera (Center for Investigation and Worker Solidarity). This is dangerous work and she herself has been the victim of state violence. In fact, she is the first person to be granted asylum in the US due to Mexican military persecution. In 2008 she was taken, without warrant, by masked members of the Mexican military. She described the kidnapping in suspenseful detail and witnessed the brutality of the military first hand.

Cipriana links the oppression and victimization by the military to the ongoing drug war in northern Mexico as there are obvious alliances between the cartels and the military. The decline of workers rights (NAFTA, IMF), along with large demand and appetite for drugs in the US, continues to undermine the security of the working people of northern Mexico. This is especially true for the women of the maquilas.

A video will be posted shortly of the event.