Chicana Perk/Latté Mi Corazón forced to close by City of San Diego


Chicana Perk (Latté Mi Corazón), a family-owned cafe in Sherman Heights, which has been an important meeting place for community organizers and activists for many years, is being forced to close by the City of San Diego. The city is clearing a path for a gentrified, wealthy, residential and corporate business district running from downtown through Sherman Heights, Golden Hill, North Park and Hillcrest, a district in which family businesses have no place.

The owners have pledged to find another location nearby. A press conference will be held at 5pm and a closing reception at 6pm on Friday, November 12 at Chicana Perk, 129 25th Street. --Read More--

Discussion on SD Indymedia Radio by Oscar and Gaby (mp3)

Chicano Perk on 25th Street