Precious Knowledge Screening @ Groundwork Books Collective

02/09/2012 7:30 pm

Groundwork Books will be hosting a screening of Precious Knowledge followed by a discussion on the legal and social push back against critical pedagogy and ethnic studies in Arizona. We will consider the links between Arizona's xenophobic public policies and our situation... within the UC system.

"Precious Knowledge interweaves the transformative stories of seniors in the Mexican American Studies Program at Tucson High School. Inequalities in education continue to affect people of color. The ticking time bomb story of our time is that fewer than six in 10 Latino adults in the United States have a high school diploma. These alarming dropout rates will continue to have a serious impact on our nation. Our documentary goes further, however, by illustrating forms of critical pedagogy that can empower Latino youth and other youth of color and change this state of affairs. Precious Knowledge will illustrate to a nationwide audience a Mexican American Studies program that inspires 82% of its students to enroll in college. The themes of Precious Knowledge are embedded in the journey of each student as they: self reflect, seek out precious knowledge, begin to act, and ultimately transform, while nurturing positive images of Latino identity and embracing the dignity of all cultures and histories."

Event Location: 
Groundwork Books located in the Old Student Center (UCSD)