Feb 2-6, 2015 "All Lives Matter" Migrant March Events

02/02/2015 12:00 pm
02/06/2015 2:00 pm

MARCHA MIGRANTE X (Feb 2-6, 2015) Tijuana, Baja California, Friendship Park, Mexico to Holtville, California “All lives Matter”

This Monday BORDER ANGELS launches its historic MARCHA MIGRANTE X “All Lives Matter” (CONTACT Enrique Morones (619) 269-7865 or Dulce (619) 540-1041 (email is best)

Our previous “marchas migrante” (2006) have helped launch the immigrant spring of 2006, (2007) gathered the stories of why we need humane immigration policies , (2008)registered thousands of people to vote, (2009) delivered letters to White House demanding Humane Immigration Reform, (2010) inspired Josefina Lopez play and movie DETAINED IN THE DESERT, (2011) remembered the constant struggle of our native American peoples, (2012) walking with Cesar Chavez principles, Caravana por la Paz w/Javier Sicilia, (2014) Remember our children, (2015) ALL LIVES MATTER

MARCHA MIGRANTE X (Feb 2-6, 2015) (Tijuana to Holtville) ALL LIVES MATTER (great poster by Gabriela, gracias)

Feb 2 (Monday) Dia de la Candelaria & Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo) (Friendship Park, Tijuana)

12 noon PRESS CONFERENCE (Friendship Park, Mexican side) Contact Enrique Morones (619) 269-7865

(Point persons for Monday activities: Enrique Morones, Dulce Aguirre, Mar Cardenas, Adolfo Caletti) (those leaving from San Diego, meet @ Border Angels office 900am (2258 Island Ave San Diego, 92102), bring passport, blankets, spending cash and toys to donate and sleeping bag for yourselves and advise if you will be driving (RSVP w/ Dulce)

130 – 330 pm Paint the wall from Tijuana to Matamoros call out and initial action

430pm Visit Tijuana Orphanage and bring “Toys and Tamales”

700PM Posada @ Centro Gary/Mar) Must RSVP W/Dulce copied here

Feb 3 (Tuesday) (point person Gaba Cortes)

630 AM Help serve breakfast to 1200 migrants @ Desayunador Padre Chava (please RSVP w/Dulce)

1230 Visit Huerta @ Bordo/Canal Area

230 Visit Migrant Shelters

630pm POSADA @ Centro Gary/Mar (RSVP)

Feb 4 Wednesday (DREAMER MOMS DAY) Point persons Yolanda Varona & Roberto Vivar

Letter writing, meeting with press, meeting with church, arts and crafts TBA

Posada @ Bunker (RSVP)

February 5 Thursday (DEPORTED VETERANS DAY) point person Hector Barajas

12noon -200pm Retouch Upside Down Flag @ Wall Friendship Park

2-300pm Presentation of the Elias (Sgt Zuan, Maria Isabel Barajas

Followed by testimonies of Deported Veterans and vigil

500pm Bunker Chow and film presentations

Return to US (those of us that came from North of the border)

Feb 6 Friday (MASS OF “LOS NO OLVIDADOS” @ Holtville Cemetery 12 noon (point person Bishop Dermot Rodgers)

900 am will gather at Border Angels office in San Diego 900am and caravan to Holtville Cemetery (2 and ½ hour drive) for noon Funeral MASS FOR THE 650 unidentified migrants buried there and the thousands that have lost their lives worldwide in search of a better life

Thanks all for your wonderful support and work, for those that can’t join us donations can be sent to BORDER ANGELS PO BOX 86598 San Diego CA 92138

BORDER ANGELS 2258 ISLAND AVE SAN DIEGO CA 92102 (borderangels.org) (#borderangels face book, twitter or insta-gram) Amor, si se puede, e & all

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San Diego