Caravana 43 in Vista


On March 25, 2015 in Vista, California the Pacific Region Caravana 43 group, consisting of two parents and two students, shared their honest and humble words regarded the 43 missing Normalista students forcefully abducted on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. The caravan spent three days in San Diego County; two in South County and one in North County. This video is footage from a Community Forum in Vista’s Public Library. In this video, we hear testimony from the mother of a missing student and a student survivor of the September 26 brutal attack by the bad government. Among many themes in the video, the two discuss impunity of the government, corruption, and Plan Merida.

"For my children, I will sacrifice my life," said Blanca Luz Nava Vélez, Mother to Jorge Alvarez Nava. Keeping her palabra (word) the Pacific Region caravan traveled to 19 cities sharing their story, demanding justice, and the return of the missing 43 Normalista students. The Caravana 43 had a list of 10 talking points that can be found at, among other information, such as how to support.

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