The forgotten genocide of Baluch people

Sayad Doda

The World IGNORE the Genocide of Baloch people. The Media NOT show the people suffering the hands of their Iranian and Pakistani captors

On 25th January 2014, several mass graves were found from Tootak town of Balochistan. Many Baloch missing persons were buried there after torturing them till death. Pakistani security forces and the death squad men filled the graves with lime so that their dead bodies could not be recognized.

Only three among the dead bodies were recognized because they have had identity cards inn their pockets, two of them were brothers named as Nasir Baloch and Omer Baloch S/O Bahiya Khan. They were abducted from earth quake effected Awaran district of Balochistan during a military operation on 4th October 2013.

While the third one Qadir Bakhs S/O Miskaan
Baloch was abducted by military men on 15
September 2013 from his native town.

The total number dead bodies discovered from
Mass graves were 169 but except the three all other remained unidentified.

Pakistani Authorities never produced the DNA reports in front of med ia which clearly indicated their own involvement in Mass murdering of Baloch people.

We appeal to international human right organizations and civilized world to pressurize Pakistan to stop Genocide of Baloch people.

Genocide Baluchistane