Fires in San Diego


Last night my house was filled with families who were forced to evacuate from Ramona due to fires surrounding their homes. It was/is an emotional time for many families. Children crying because their fathers decided to stay behind with the homes to fight the fires, mothers staying strong for their children and working to keep their spirits high. The stress of wondering when or if you will have a home to go back to must be heavy.

A couple of friends and some family members today have been ordered to evacuate from their homes. Those who have places to go are perhaps a bit luckier. They do not have to drive to shelters and stay amongst people they do not know or stay outside because they have pets.

Why the fires? As corporate media reports and show images of the fires they do not talk about a cause. The phrase Global Warming is never uttered. They also are not reporting on the fires in the south: reports on the fires happening in Mexico are non-existent. It was only late last night that a corporate news station thought to pull a bilingual staff member to report in Spanish and tell communities that evacuation was necessary in their neighborhoods.

What about the animals that build nests or burrow in the ground in these areas - what does the fire mean to the homes that are lost to the animals? How will it continue to contribute to globally warming as people continue to ignore the signs?

If people have information on the fires in Mexico, please write and update us all.