Heritage/Trolley System Security


Our Struggle
To the average citizen riding the trolleys throughout San Diego all would seem like it is business as usual. However, beneath the calm, professional exterior of the Officers who work for Heritage/TSS there is a war going on with their employer Heritage Security. Some months back several Officers who were sick and tired of the low wages and lousy working conditions decided to do something about it and contacted a Union. Not long after that SFPPA filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board requesting to have an election to let the employee's decide if they want to be represented by a union. That's when the fun really started.

For the thirty years that Heritage has held the contract with MTS they have been unconcerned with the needs or their employees. Now that a petition has been filed all of a sudden the owner of the company, Larry Richman, is having private meetings with the employees wanting desperatly to find out why everyone is unhappy and promising to fix things. He and his pet Union Buster have also been busy trying to convince everyone that there is no money to be had and that poor Heritage is hardly making any money at all! Yet suddenly Larry finds the money to promise new weapons, uniforms and equipment. All of a sudden, someone finds a way to make bathrooms available on the stations and more promises are handed out faster than a politician hands out handshakes on election day.

The fact is that the employees of Heritage Security are sick and tired of paying for their uniforms, weapons, equipment and even their latex gloves. They are sick and tired of receiving chump change for wages and no benefits while Larry lounges in splendor in the hills of La Mesa and donates thousands of dollars to politicians and charities.

It's time for Larry to wake up and smell the coffee. This ride is over.