Free Printing in San Diego from Incendiary Distro

Incendiary Distro

Free zine and flyer printing for the San Diego area.

Indcendiary Distro would like to print your radical zines and flyers at no cost. We currently print zines focusing on Direct Action Anarchisim, gender, race, sexuality, environment, DIY, non normative ecoconmic activities and radical history. We would not only like to cover more issues and theories but also original fiction and art.

We are able to print only one page per zine in color (normally the cover art, you decide), with the rest in B&W.
Flyers for shows, demos, gatherings, events...etc can be printed in various sizes up to 11x17.
Again this is totally free and a good way to spread information about your ideas, events, and art.

We are also looking for events to table at with the current zines we have. Any zines we table with are totally free. so if you have a radical event planned (movie showing, educational, rock show, house party) we would love to be there to exchange ideas with like mided people and share the zines we love.