Come to Palestine!

Palestine Solidarity Project

Thinking of Coming to Palestine?
Interested in Being a Responsible Solidarity Activist?
Palestine Solidarity Project Needs YOU!

Thinking of Coming to Palestine?
Interested in Being a Responsible Solidarity Activist?
Palestine Solidarity Project Needs YOU!

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The Palestine Solidarity Project offers a unique opportunity for activists
from around the world to have an integrated, educational experience as they
work in solidarity with a Palestinian organization in their struggle for
liberation. PSP is based in Beit Ommar, a village in the southern West Bank
with a long history of popular, unarmed resistance. It is also subjected to
some of the most intense repression by the Israeli military and is
surrounded by right-wing extremist settlements on three sides. While there
is a need for solidarity work all over occupied Palestine, Beit Ommar is an
important place for internationals to learn about and participate in
Palestinian popular resistance and support the work of Palestinian community

*What We Believe*

PSP believes that the struggle against Israeli Occupation can and *must* be
led by Palestinians themselves. Internationals are needed on the ground,
but in a supporting capacity, rather than an organizing one. Our role is to
learn from and support the Palestinian struggle, and then use our personal
experiences to raise awareness of the situation and implement action in our
own countries.

*Our Goal*

Our goal is for every international to leave Palestine with the
*knowledge*needed to organize effectively in their home countries to
Palestinian self-determination and liberation, and the *relationships* with
a wide range of average Palestinians who lead extraordinary lives as
community leaders and organizers.

*Our Structure*

PSP is made up of a committee of Palestinians that works closely with a
variety of other community groups and individuals in Beit Ommar and the
surrounding villages. We also have an international coordinator, an
American who has spent over two years in Beit Ommar and 5 years working in
Palestine and is here to show new international volunteers the ropes. As of
April, 2009, *two of our founding members are in Israeli prisons*, held
without charge or trial. We are clearly making an impact to be so targeted,
but it also means we need help now more than ever.

*Previous Experience*

PSP is great for people who have never been to Palestine before and those
who may have worked extensively in Palestine and are looking for an
organization that will allow them to work more closely with a single
Palestinian community.

*What We Are Looking For*

PSP is looking for flexible, open-minded, energetic people of all
backgrounds. In order to work in Palestine with us you must be willing to
adhere to local customs and traditions, even if they are not what you are
accustomed to or necessarily agree with. People can participate at all
different levels: teaching, participating in demonstrations, writing, video
editing, the list goes on. We are always looking for Arabic speakers, and
people with special skills in computers, videography, and photography. We
only ask that volunteers are open to doing what is needed, realizing that it
might not always be what they expect. Palestine is an unpredictable place
but the support you’ll receive from your Palestinian hosts, International
Coordinator and international peers will be in-depth, ongoing, and second to

*What You’ll Be Doing*

Palestine Solidarity Project has three main tracts of work:

1) Organizing and supporting *non-violent direct action* and
demonstrations against the structures of Israeli Occupation, including
anti-wall demonstrations, roadblock removals, and other fun stuff (see our
website under “direct action”).
2) Documenting, reporting, and *intervening* in violations of human
rights abuses, and, *training* Palestinians on how to do this themselves
effectively (this is the central program of our Freedom Center).
3) Supporting Palestinian self-sufficiency via our Women’s Embroidery
Cooperative and greenhouse.

All of these tracts need support from international volunteers. Whether
you’re interested in going to demonstrations or teaching English to future
human rights observers; removing roadblocks or videotaping others doing it,
you can find a way to fit in. We do a lot of writing, videotaping and

**We are also implementing a program for *educating internationals*:
We have Arabic lessons, reading materials, and information on lectures and
tours available from organizations such as the Alternative Information
Center and others. It is essential to our vision that international
volunteers leave Palestine with concrete information on the overall
situation here so that they can speak/write/sing about it effectively when
they return home.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not create popular resistance in Palestine. We are
accountable to Palestinian communities and are responsive to the
“temperature” at the time. Things can change very quickly in Palestine so
if you are expecting direct action every week, you may be disappointed.
Likewise, please remember that no matter how many precautions you take,
internationals in PSP are often expected to intervene in violent situations;
it is not the organization for adventure tourism.
We have a long-term vision: build the capacity of Palestinians to organize
and advocate for themselves and creating a network of accountable
international supporters who are willing to work in their own countries
towards the liberation of Palestine.

If this sounds like the organization for you, Please see our website for
more detailed information about how to join us