Mobilization for Legalization


The Coalition for Legalization in San Diego is holding a rally on February 6th 2010 in Chicano Park, San Diego.

On Saturday, February 6th at 12:00-3:00pm, in Chicano Park, the Coalition for Legalization will hold a rally in support of 3 demands:
- LEGALIZATION FOR ALL, WITHOUT CONDITIONS. 12 million undocumented immigrants and their families—workers, students, and taxpayers—live in the shadows. They pay far more in taxes than they use in government services. They produce enormous wealth and do necessary labor for society. As a recent study shows, legalization for them would lead to increased wages for all workers, documented and undocumented, immigrant and native born. They and their families, especially since the mass marches of 2006, are increasingly politically active and aware, forming a margin of victory for Obama in 4 states whose delegates went to Bush in 2004. They have waited over a year for legalization from the Administration, which promised it in the first hundred days. They have waited too long already for their central demand: legalization.
- AN END TO ICE ABUSES. Despite accelerated courting from political parties and mass marketing agencies, the main "change" Latinos and immigrants have seen from the country since 2006, under BOTH Bush and Obama, has not been legalization but increased enforcement through the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Human rights abuses, including the detention of children, have grown, along with a burgeoning network of "ICE Castles" (secret detention facilities) as described in a recent Nation article. Paramilitary workplace raids, from Smithfield in North Carolina to the French Gourmet Bakery in Pacific Beach, rounded up thousands. Now the Social Security-linked E-Verify system is leading to firings on an even greater scale.
- DEMILITARIZE THE BORDER — STOP IMMIGRANT DEATHS. As workers and farmers across Latin America are displaced by pro-corporate "free trade" treaties like NAFTA that destroy generational landownership while wiping out US industrial jobs, involuntary economic migration increases. Since Bill Clinton, the primary response has been a futile and deadly increase of border enforcement. At least 4,000 migrant workers have died since 1994 — an ongoing human rights tragedy that must end.
The Coalition for Legalization is composed of Border Angels, Si Se Puede Immigrants' Rights Coalition, SAME (the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality), and others.
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