Direct Action halts fence construction for an hour!

no borders?!?!?! NO BORDERS!!!!

this brave person did this by themselves! where is the sit-in? where is the lock down? where is the occupation of this space? now, more than ever, this city is in serious need of some people dedicated to action...

i'm reposting this email...

Hola todos,

First of all I'm fine and thank to everyone for the supportive emails. It
felt really good to know I had peopel to support me. I feel like my mission
of sending a message of the importance of friendship was accomplished.
Construction was stopped for a total of about an hour. Officials were
mostly professional with me. I was not arrested. I was given a citation
for tresspassing on Federal property and will receive a court date in the
mail (no amount was specified on the citation).
There are more pics coming. Unfortuenately, the person taking video had his
video card confiscated by officials on the scene. We're not sure if/when
he'll get it back and if it'll still have the video on it. I'm working on a
detailed written account that i'll probably put on facebook that I will send
with more pics over the weekend.

Amistad sin fronteras, D