Anyone organizing for pakistan flood relief?


looking to help w/ Pakistan relief, need allies

As you might know, Pakistan is suffering from floods that the UN secretary-general is calling the worst humanitarian disaster in centuries, possibly since the black plague. To put it in perspective, Haiti's entire population is about 3 million persons; this disaster has rendered at least 8 million homeless, as well as wiping out the best croplands- an impending food crisis will follow the immediate crisis, this disaster will not go away soon but requires immense and long term efforts. Stand Up. We want to help, have ideas and contacts; we need more ideas and allies to carry forward the work. This post is an initial shout-out. We'll follow with firmer plans in about a week. If you would like to join the planning or volunteer once the ball gets rolling, please send an email to phat_phan [at] [blank between phat and phan is an underscore peeps]. Come together. Peace&One.

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