There Are No Artists in South San Diego


Where are the artists in South San Diego? According to the Art Critics, artists don't exists in South San Diego.

Let's face it, we (artists) in South San Diego (all the cities south of Division Street like Nasty City, Cholo Juana, Otay, Pinoynita, Nester the Molester, I Be Tweekin' and San Illegal Sidro) ain't got our sheet together. We don't have a central artists' hang out; we don't have a venue to show our stuff, we don't even know each other outside of a small circle friends...

So what should we do?

You all remember Montmartre of the late 1800s and early 1900s - that's the place were Picasso, Modigliani, Riveral, Matisse, Gris, Franz, Kandinsky and all those artists that paved the way for what Art is today!

Let's do that here: we need you to join Badfinger Cafe to show that there are more than a hand full of artists in SSD that want an art center!

Go to Badfinger Cafe here >>

We don't just need artists to join us, but all of you that support us artists and want to show the world that SSD has just as much culture and artistic value as San Pancho, Los and Nuevo York!

Go to this website to learn more:


SDSU students are doing an arts and cultural assessment of South San Diego

Whitney Baumann

I read your post when browsing the internet in search of artists/art advocates to interview from the "South Bay" communities of San Diego. I am part of a civic engagement collaborative class at S.D.S.U., the name of the class is "Sustaining Our Community through Arts". One of the objectives of the class is basically to conduct an arts assessment that examines how the arts are valued and represented in the South Bay communities. Additionally, our research aims to examine the role of culture in community building, economic and social development strategies through arts.

I am looking to interview 4-5 (or more!) art advocates (artists, community members, education contacts, businesses, etc) from the South Bay communities to give insight that can help guide our civic engagement efforts. I'm looking to set up interviews within the next couple of weeks.

If you could give me any resources, or would be interested in participating in an interview, I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me via my email, whitbau [at] and I can provide you with more information.

Thank you so much!

Whitney Baumann