9/3/2010 Speak Out-Poway Court For Injured Worker Tim Hack-Served With Restraining Order

California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

On Friday September 3, 2010 at 1:30 PM, injured Toyota Poway worker Tim Hack will oppose a restraining order issued by
Toyota Poway owner Vincent Castro to silence him because of his speaking out at Poway City Council meeting and other events.
He has also filed criminal workers comp fraud charges against the dealership owners and CorVel insurance company.

9/3/2010 Speak Out At Poway Court For Injured Worker Tim Hack/Served With Restraining Order For Speaking Out About Workers Comp Fraud Cover-up By Toyota Poway

Defend Free Speech-Stop Defrauding Injured Toyota Poway Workers and The Public

Support Injured Toyota Poway Worker Tim Hack

Hearing September 3, 2010 330 W broadway dept 25 Poway, California 1:30 PM

Workers at the Poway Toyota dealership were sickened as a result of the failure of the owners Vincent Castro and Troy Duhon as well as manager Rick Gallagher to clean up mold in the dealership buildings.

Five of the injured workers filed for workers compensation but the owners, the manager and the insurance carrier CorVel denied this and forced the workers to file for Disability Insurance and attempted to get some to apply for Family Medical Leave.

This is called workers compensation fraud which is cost shifting the owners and insurance companies libility to others. Many injured workers end up on SDI and social security because their illnesses are not taken care of. The tax payer then ends up paying the cost. At the same time injured workers like those at the Poway Toyota dealership end up with no healthcare to take care of their injuries. Is this fair?

When the injured Toyota Poway sales manager spoke out at a meeting of the Poway City Council, owner Vincent Castro sought to silence him by having San Diego sheriff’s deputies serve him with a restraining order for allegedly threatening Castro at the Poway City Council meeting. This never took place

Is another example of injured workers facing harassment for pursuing their fight for compensation and healthcare. The workers have also filed workers compensation fraud charges against the owners and the insurance company.

It is time to stop terrorizing injured workers and fraud by Toyota Poway owners and and their insurance carrier Corvel.

Speak out at a court hearing on September 3, 2010 against the use of restraining orders to silence injured workers.

The hearing is scheduled Septeber 3, 2010 at 1:30 at 330 W broadway dept 25 for speaking out at the Poway City Council meeting. Please attend and speak out against this use of restraining orders to silence injured workers.

You can also write Toyota Motors and ask them to take action to protect the injured workers at Poway Toyota.

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YouTube - Toyota Poway Workers Injured By Mold File Workers Comp Fraud Charges At San Diego DA
California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day


Contact Toyota Inc. and let them know that it is unacceptable to sicken workers and use the courts to silence them about workers comp fraud.

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