When the Mountains Tremble Friday night at Groundwork Books

01/22/2010 6:00 pm

Friday night at 6 will be a screening of the documentary When the Mountains Tremble. Shot during the Guatemalan war against its native peoples.

Groundwork Books, UCSD Campus, La Jolla, CA
(Off Gilman Dr. at Eucalyptus Grove Ln.)

Shot at the height of a heated battle between the heavily-armed Guatemalan Military and a nearly defenseless Mayan population, filmmakers Pamela Yates and Newton Thomas Sigel threw themselves into the center of a storm to capture live combat footage with a surprisingly robust passion and exhilarating flair. As the first film to depict this previously unreported war, it is firmly anchored by the firsthand accounts of Rigoberta Menchú, a Quiché Indian woman known around the world for her humanitarian efforts. Throughout the imminent chaos and danger, Menchú provides courage and optimism in a time where death squads kill without conscience and an oppressive dictator seizes power.

Presented at Groundwork Books as part of Enero Zapatista.

For specific directions call Groundwork at 8584529625.

Groundwork Books, UCSD Campus, Old(e) Student Center.
6 pm 1/22/10 Friday.

When the Mountains Tremble.

Event Location: 
Groundwork Books, UCSD Campus, La Jolla, CA