Rebellion: A San Diego Perspective


A rebellion in Tunisia forced dictator Ben Ali to flee the country in January. Protesters in Egypt are close to forcing dictator Mubarek out of power. In Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Palestine and elsewhere, protesters are putting pressure on repressive, US-supported regimes. On Saturday, San Diego Indymedia Radio: Live from the City Heights Farmers Market discussed the widening regional rebellion and talk to folks in San Diego with direct connections to protesters in Egypt. The program included summaries of recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, an interview with Moataz Hamza about the current and historical situation in Egypt, and a discusion of the role of media in uprisings.

A follow up show next Saturday, February 12 will cover additional facets of the rebellion and its relationship to residents of San Diego. Come out to the market, located on Wightman, one block south of University, between 43rd and Fairmont, 11am-1pm, or tune in by clicking here (link functional only during the saturday show).

UPDATE: Mubarak was removed from power on friday, february 11. Tune in saturday morning for a discussion...

A rally in support of the rebellion was held outside the federal building in downtown San Diego on Friday, February 4 at 4pm. - approximately 300 people listened to speakers, chanted and marched.

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