Life and Debt Film and cheap books!

02/20/2009 6:00 pm
groundwork books collective

Title: Life and Debt Film and cheap books!
START DATE: Friday November 20
TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Details:
Film screening of Life and Debt, Friday Nov. 20 6:00pm at Groundwork Books
Event Type: Other
Its short notice, but we'll be screening the film "Life and Debt" Friday evening (6:00pm) at Groundwork Books. If you could possibly spread the word in any way, that would be great!

Also, hard times hit harder this quarter for textbook sales at Groundwork. Meaning all our workers are now unpaid volunteers and we're struggling to pay the bills to keep the space open. Groundwork has been around since '68 and has provided many folks with easy access to socialist and revolutionary literature over the years while maintaining a politically active space in a non-hierarchical, collective setting. I know its out of the way for many people and parking on the UCSD campus is a pain, but I would like to stress that we have LOTS of great literature on political theory and lefty politics. We are offering ten percent off on all books, including current textbooks in stock to the outside UCSD San Diego community until Dec 4th. Please pass the info along.

Also, we launched a new website and are now selling our stock online. Only a small number of our books are presently online, but more are being added every day.

We are also requesting any suggestions on how we can contribute to the San Diego community. Thanks,

Groundwork Books
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Groundwork Books, UCSD