San Diego Minutemen Stew Reeves current e-mail address (confirmed)

California Anarchist

stewreeves [at] Confirmed current e-mail address of San Diego Minutemen Stew Reeves.

Stew Reeves is a so called "Independent Minutemen" who conducts anti-immigrant patrols on the San Diego/Baja border.

Reeves bio and old e-mail address featured at unitedpatriots(Nativist far-right website, link broken)

"Stew Reeves
Hemet, CA
Original Minutemen MMP, in AZ 2005, several times to Washington D.C. w/
MM., CCIR, plus
others .---Caravan to Crawford, Texas, active for months on the California
/ Mexico Border as an independent MM, working with different groups."

Reeves e-mail address was provided to me by a former supporter of the anti-immigrant movement who has become disillusioned with the far right-wing politics and often covert, but often open, racism of many in the anti-immigrant movement. Though now inactive in the movement himself, my contact continues to remains in touch with his former contacts in the anti-immigrant movement and has agreed to provide future information in regards to the movement whenever possible.

This information is being shared for informational purposes only. Please do not use any of this information for any illegal purposes whatsoever.