Tour de Fairmont: A Benefit for Bikes del Pueblo

Bikes del Pueblo

Bikes del Pueblo, a collective that helps folks fix their bikes at the City Heights Farmers Market (9am-1pm Saturday mornings), is staging a benefit bike ride, the Tour de Fairmont, this Saturday, July 24 starting at 6pm.

The ride will start at the City Heights Free Skool, proceed to the Snowdrop house for food and fun, explore the central City Heights community and end up back at the Free Skool for a dance party. Expect bands, food, bike raffels, art and dance-offs. --Read More--

Flyer || Ken discussing Bikes del Pueblo on SD Indymedia Radio

Bikes del Pueblo Tour de Fairmont
Saturday, July 24, 6pm.
Starts and Ends at City Heights Free Skool
4246 Wightman (Corner of Wightman and VanDyke)