Rebel House REALLY Free Market

08/15/2015 12:00 pm

On Saturday August 15th join the Rebel House in finding or letting go of some things for the summer, with our fourth REALLY FREE MARKET!

RSVP on fbook for address or ask the rebels.

What is a REALLY free market?
It's a space where people bring things others could use more than they can & grab things they might need, with no money necessary. You are not required to bring anything to take something. You are not required to take something to bring something! It's all free.

Also, it's an example of mutual aid & non-capital gift economy (aka "sharing") at work, AND the perfect excuse for the people of our communities to get together & know each other :)

We'll be hanging outside our house from 12pm-4pm sharing conversations and free things with our neighbors and friends and passersby! Feel free to bring any snacks you may want if you'd like to hang out :) We'll have water & music :)

If you would like to provide a service (like haircuts), share a skill or play some live music, please let us know!

Items can be dropped off before the event. Thursdays from 2-4:30pm someone is guaranteed to be home. For other times please contact the hosts.

***leftovers will be donated to local houseless community through Food Not Bombs and upcoming Really Free Markets***

Examples of things to bring:
- clothing & shoes
- jewelry & accessories
- music/movies/games/books
- plants & seeds & herbs & excess crop harvest
- working electronics
- arts & crafts materials
- tools & equipment
- plates & diningware
- bedding & furniture & house accessories or decorations
- whatever you want to pass on to someone else!

So please join us for some free fun & invite your friends!

****REBEL HOUSE identifies as a safer space and looks to be free from oppressive attitudes and language. Please read over our full safer space agreement in the comments****

Event Location: 
Rebel House ~ South East SD