Rally for a Raise in San Diego! It's our Turn!

09/10/2015 12:00 pm

Elected leaders all across the US are responding to the worker's movement for $15 by increasing wages in their cities. Dozen's of cities have now increased the minimum wage by $3, $5, $7/hr. What about San Diego?

No Raise Here! Mayor Faulconer has kept us all from receiving a .75 this year. Shame on you Faulconer!

On 9/10 the Governor of New York is expected to make an announcement on how he plans to address the wage concerns of low wage workers in New York.

We will protest at City Hall to send a clear message that we do not agree with Faulconer holding us all back while every other major city moves forward. It's time to Raise Up San Diego!

We will rally because it is our turn next! It is time for $15 for all in California!

Be there to help us make a spectacle of Faulconer's failure: San Diego Families who continue to live in poverty and fall further behind because of his decisions.


Event Location: 
San Diego City Hall 202 C St, San Diego, California 92101