Walk for the Ancestors


Walk for the Ancestors is a 650 mile journey to all of California's 21 missions to bring attention to the cruel genocide perpetrated against the native peoples of the region and to oppose the canonization of Junipero Serra, who played a key role in establishing the missions and carrying out the genocide.

Walk for the Ancestors ends at the San Diego mission sometime in November.

From the web site for the journey, http://walkfortheancestors.org
"We want our ancestors to know that we understand their suffering. And we’re going to voice it, so people will know that it wasn’t a posh life with the Catholics feeding you, and protecting you. No, it was a horrible existence for them. It’s really heart-wrenching, it’s sickening, you know..."

"To me, the disease brought here [by the Franciscans] was secondary, in comparison to the ways they tortured our people, mentally, and physically. The stories of the atrocities are passed down. Mothers were giving themselves abortions so their children wouldn’t face a life of abuse. And you know, even when they left the Mission [after secularization], they had nothing. They took their land, they took their culture, they took their language…so the people didn’t know who they were..."

"The trauma, it doesn’t go away, you just learn how to live with it. And it’ll never go away. I think that anybody who has any kind of compassion for humanity, would definitely say, this is wrong. They would not go forward with condoning Serra, and the fact that they’re going to make him a Saint."

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Santa Cruz, from walkfortheancestors.org