Radical Brunch @ Groundwork Books

11/01/2015 10:00 am

To be more accessible to the greater San Diego community, Groundwork Books at UCSD will be open on the first Sundays of the month!

Our first Sundays 'Radical Brunch' means coffee and tea will be available, and maybe a vegan treat! Plus, the books.. they will be discounted!

Plus-- the UCSD campus has free parking on Sundays! You can park right outside the bricks and mortar in the lot off Eucalyptus Grove Lane for no monies at all.

Come hang out, find some rad books with some tea or coffee.

You're welcome to help volunteer around the bookshop or contribute to the space in your own way. Music, art, spoken word, skillshare, send some books to prisoners?

Just let us know if you want to participate in any way!

Groundwork Books is San Diego’s Social Justice–Feminist–Anti-Racist–Queer–Vegan–Environmentalist–Anarchist–Marxist–Radical Independent book shop. Since 1973, Groundwork has specialized in literature and art that promotes social, political and economic change.

Groundwork is organized as a non-hierarchal volunteer worker student collective and a co-op like our pals at the Ché Café Collective, UCSD Food Co-op, and The General Store Co-op.

Event Location: 
Groundwork Books, 0323 UCSD Old Student Center (UC San Diego Campus), San Diego CA 92037