San Diego Indymedia Radio: Live From the City Heights Farmers Market


San Diego Indymedia Radio will attempt its first broadcast from the City Heights Farmers Market starting at 9AM on Saturday, June 19 (through 1pm we hope!). You can tune in to the show by going to the following URL: . We are expecting a few tech hiccups along the way, but it should be fun.

Please listen if you are stuck in front of your computer. But if not, please come out to the City Heights Farmers Market, which is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary with lots and lots of cool performances, food and veggies. The market is located on Wightman between 43rd and Fairmont in City Heights.

UPDATE (06/19/10): The broadcast started around 10am and went for more than two hours. Topics of discussion included: the application of complexity/systems analysis to social phenomena and the future of independent media in san diego (mp3). Amongst other things, next week we plan to roam around the market conducting interviews.

Except for the farmers market show, the stream currently is suspended but will probably be redirected towards other content soon - check back in a few days... [note from random sdimcista: or a few years...]