Noose Found in UCSD's Giesel Library


In the wake of a racist frat party mocking Black History Month, racially derogatory and inciteful language by a member of the student-supported publication, the Koala, on UCSD's television station, and a week of protests organized by the Black Student Union and allies, a noose was found hanging on the seventh floor of the Giesel Library.

These disgusting incidents are the tip of the iceberg of a toxic racist, mysogenist, queerphobic climate that this fucking university has coddled, fostered and encouraged over the past fifty years. Numerous students of color, especially black students - who make up only 1.3% of the student population, have reported they do not feel safe on the UCSD campus. The administration, which initially emphasized free speech rights, has done nothing but talk platitudes. God damn them.

This shit has got to stop.

Students are organizing a protest of this outrageous act, this ultimate expression of white privilege, at 8AM Friday morning on Library Walk. Wear Black.