Don't Look Behind the Curtain! Get Away from the Curtain!

David Gurney

Don't Look Behind the Curtain! Get Away from the Curtain!

by David Gurney

It's official: the Marine Life Protection Act "Initiative" does not exist, and it never did exist.

But don't get out your fishin' pole just yet, and head down to your nearest marine poaching area "National Park." If you do, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!

According to a substitute judge who ruled on the MLPA "Initiative's" "Motion to Quash" - the group is exempt from any legal accountability for its actions because - and please brace yourselves - the MLPA Initiative was not any kind of organization or legal entity.

Unbelievable? Only in the former Land of Oz, otherwise known as Arnold Schwarzenegger's extremely "Veired Vorld" of California politics.

You see, according to the MLPAI Program Manager Melissa Miller-Henson: the staff, officers, and contractors were "just an idea, a project, an effort'" and they weren't any kind of group that you could call a group, and hence they were not legally responsible for any of their,...ah...yeah,... right...ok,......

After hearing this, you may want to pinch yourself next time you attend one of their elaborately contrived meetings. And you may never want to eat one of their free pastries or junk food ever, ever again.

Of course, you won't have to. Now that the boondoggle is over, and the Laptopper Task Force (LTF) has disbanded, never be seen or heard from again.

Not until it's time to collect some grant money and get to work doing some "scientific studies" in one of their newly acquired "Marine Protected Areas" that is!

In their two-year flogging of the North Coast public, the infamous MLPAI "Initiative" set new precedents for law breaking and corruption - with tens of millions of dollars worth of Bagley-Keene violations, federal marine mammal violations, state licensing violations, illegal secret meetings, the unlawful arrest of this reporter, and violations of Native American and international law.

The so called "Initiative" saw back-door influence and corruption rise to new heights, to a grand scale, with an agribusiness Executive Director, a big oil lobbyist acting as chairman through much of the process, and a couple of marina and real estate executives sitting on the board throughout. To name but a few.

There's also the little matter of the overt buy-out of a state agency, the California Department of Fish and Game, with tens of millions of dollars of private money laundered through phony foundations. And the buyout of state resources by private interests through a so-called "public/private partnership."

But according to a Southern California judge, who was mysteriously substituted at the last minute into a Mendocino County Superior Courtroom - the MLPAI will never be subject to any kind of legal scrutiny

According to judge Andria Richey:

"The MLPA Initiative argues that it is not a legal entity, but is instead a joint project, a process, a set of objectives and/or a cooperative effort among state agencies and a private organization, the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation ("Foundation"), designed to achieve the goals of the MLPA. The MLPA Initiative is not a state agency, and has no officers, members, or associates; nor is it incorporated. Plaintiff however argues that because the CDFG has described the MLPA Initiative as a "public-private partnership" and because it has an executive director and a program manager, MLPA Initiative is in fact a jurally entity subject to suit, and as such should be liable for acts. The Court….disagrees, and grants the motion to quash."

If this ruling makes absolutely no sense to you, join the club of naive souls - who don't yet TRULY BELIEVE - that all it takes is a few friends in the right places, and a whole lot of money, and you get WHATEVER YOU WANT in Arnold's "Vacky Voild" of California politics.

Any questions?

Just ask the maid.