Donate to the Anti-Fascists Who Shut Down the KKK in Anaheim on Saturday!


On Saturday at a park in Anaheim, anti-fascists confronted and shut down a planned KKK rally. KKK members attacked the anti-fascists, stabbing three of them. The pigs arrested the anti-fascists for defending themselves and their community. They need your support for medical and legal costs.

Copwatch Santa Ana and Los Angeles Black Cross are coordinating the fundraising campaign. Help our compxs if you can!

from the fundrazr page:
"Donate to the anti-fascists/anti-racists who put their lives on the line to stand up against white supremacy.

On February 27, a courageous group of anti-fascists gathered to counter protest the KKK rally in Anaheim, CA. The pigs ended up targeting and arresting the counter protesters, many of them were Brown and Black people, and not the racists who instigated the confrontation in the first place.

The anti-fascist comrades who got arrested are in urgent need of some real solidarity! That’s why we need to raise BIG MONEY for them. Your donations will go towards any medical or legal costs associated with their injuries and arrests from that day.

Copwatch Santa Ana and the Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross will work together with other local anti-fascist/anti-racist groups to divide the money appropriately to the arrestees.

All donations, however big or small, are greatly appreciated.

Local folks are also organizing benefit shows for the arrestees. Check our Facebook page and Instagram for updates."

from Copwatch Santa Ana

update reposted from copwatch santa ana


Update: CWSA, LA ABCF, and the developing legal defense coalition/collective would firstly like to thank everyone for being patient and understanding of this local community's process. Folks from here and around the world have had tons of questions about those affected on 2/27/16. We again ask for your continued patience and hope to answer some questions with this update. The developing legal defense coalition/ collective is still in the process of reaching out and touching base with those who were arrested or injured on that day. With that we have reason to believe that all counter protesters arrested on that day have been released from county.

Other questions have revolved around the currently running 29k fundrazr
for the (a)ntifas affected on 2/27/16. We want to clarify where we currently stand in making this process of "allocating" funds as transparent as possible. As Anti-Fascists we stand in opposition to all cistems and forms of domination, in effect we believe that our actions and solidarity should reflect an intersectional analyses of our current conditions. With that we clarify that NONE of the donated funds will go to Armando Campos/ 'Fuzz Buzz', for various reasons

1) Armando Campos is a male supremacist and racist with a history of problematic behavior and absolutely no desire to engage in any sort of transformative proces. He is a part of the problem.

2) He has prepetuated anti-blackness, sexism, and misogyny in local punk and organizing spaces. He has threatened womyn with violence and used violence against womyn on more than one occasion and is no comrade or ours. We believe that misogyny and the KKKlan go hand in hand.

3) His 'close' friends created a gofundme page specifically and only for Armando Campos, and have since raised more than 20k for his personal medical/legal costs.

4) When reaching out to folks who were running Armando's gofundme page they confirmed that Armando Campos did not want to talk with any of the folks who early on were organizing medical and legal solidarity for those affected on 2/27/16

We are glad that local folks and folks around the world took a stand to expose the male supremacy that not only plagues the local organizing efforts in Anaheim and Orange County but the male supremacy that is rampant in organizing spaces and communities in resistance around the world. As we work towards forms of total liberation we completely understand that patriarchy is very much so implicit in maintaining and legitimizing the current white power structure and with that believe it too must be eradicated in order for us to be able to genuinely love ourselves and those we stand together with, in the face of various violent patriarchal forces.

In the spirit of resistance to male supremacy,
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