Protest at San Diego Mexican Consulate in Support of CNTE Teachers

San Diego Indy Media Center Volunteer

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, in early morning hours several activists and organizers protested in front of the Mexican Consulate office in San Diego to demand an end to the violent repression and attacks against the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) and their supporters by the bad government of Mexico. The CNTE teachers, along with community, are denouncing the education reform implemented by Mexican President Peña Nieto, supported by all of Mexico’s political parties. This reform attempts to privatize public education and exploit labor, among more horrendous effects on the people of Mexico.

Strikes, work stoppage, roadblocks, and marches, are among some of the manifestations organized by the CNTE and their supporters. Arrests, assassinations, and violence are the actions of the bad government.

At this protest organized by Raices Sin Fronteras, there was an introduction by one of the organizers, leaflets handed to patrons, and rebellious music blasted from the PA system. Also, beautiful rebellious and resistant art hand drawn with chalk in front of the consulate office.

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