San Diego Day in Solidarity with African People

10/16/2016 4:30 pm
Uhuru Solidarity Movement

The San Diego Day in Solidarity with African People is a powerful event that addresses the role that white people can play in the struggles of the black community for self-determination and an end to the terrible conditions of police brutality, lack of economic development, disparate health and education an other issues caused by colonialism within the U.S. borders.
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Join us for this event, and also register for the March for Reparations taking place on Saturday, October 15 at 10 am.

Both events will feature Chairman Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African People's Socialist Party and the African Socialist International that is leading the worldwide movement to unify African people everywhere in the struggle for self-determination. Also featured is Kunde Mwamvita, mother of Dominique Battle, who was drowned by Pinella County Sherriffs along with two other teens. Penny Hess, who leads the African People's Solidarity Committee, will also be speaking.

Event Location: 
Worldbeat Cultural Center 2100 Park Blvd San Diego 92101