Bonnie Dumanis Unable To Muster Any Power Sneeks Out The Back


The race for the San Diego Mayors seat may soon be over for the current San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Dumanis launched her first and maybe her last mayoral fund raiser at the Electra only a few blocks from her downtown San Diego Office. This seemed to help her attendance for this event as nearly half of those who arrived did not take advantage of the complimentary valet parking, and showed up on foot. The fundraiser which drew less then a hundred donors would likely have been smaller if not for its close location to San Diego City Hall. The mystique and rejuvenation of the former San Diego Gas & Electric building now converted into luxury condominiums only seems to have worked for the building. While the building is a great example of something that was old becoming new again. Those that entered the Electra in support of Dumannis did not seem to enjoy any rejuvenation during their time spent at the event. Maybe Dumanis was unaware the building stopped producing power decades ago.

This small turnout may be do in part to the recent questions regarding the District Attorneys office and the failure to prosecute San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos. Arevalos looks to have become a sexual predator while on the job without alarming fellow officers with his odd behavior. A woman had filed a complaint about officer Arevalos in February 2010, alleging that she had been sexually assaulted after being arrested by Arevalos. The charges seem to have been dropped by the District Attorneys office, only to have veteran officer Arevalos arrested in March 2011 and charged with 18 felony counts including sexual battery, assault under color of authority and receiving a bribe. Officer Arevalos while facing a long list of accusers has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The chance of getting a sweat heart deal from the District Attorney has probably now passed, as any deal would bring a national outcry.

The Dumanis supporters which seemed to be mostly showing up in Mercedes and BMW’s could have easily been mistaken as a group heading off to a bingo game at the senior center. This base of ageing supporters will not be going door to door for Bonnie anytime soon as most seemed to have a hard time navigating the curb after they valet parked their luxury automobiles. The key supporters for Bonnie Dumanis also seem to be on the mailing list for the Villages in Florida. These included current Mayor Jerry Sanders, County Supervisor Ron Roberts, and San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. The only other notable endorsee of this over the hill gang is Kevin Faulconer. Mr. Faulconer must have got the children are to be seen and not heard comment from this group as he backed away from running and gave his support to Dumanis.

A group from Not Dumanis- San Diego Citizens against Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor in 2012 were well prepared to meet and greet the few supporters of Dumanis as they arrived. The group which was organized by Eugene Davidovich is calling for Bonnie to drop out of the Mayors race. This group of not dumanis supporters was made up of marijuana advocates, injured workers and other concerned citizens that have been harmed under Bonnies reign as San Diego District Attorney. The group has promised that they will be in front of any events in which Bonnie seeks campaign funding or support. The group has set up a facebook page under the page name Not Dumaniss The page is now approaching 400 followers with more joining by the minute. The protesters had hoped to have questions answered by Dumanis, only to be informed by San Diego police officers that she had left thru a back door.