San Diego Cops Prepare for Repression as Fire Rips Across County

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As San Diego County faces a series of fire disasters potentially far worse than the Cedar Fire of 2003, with 250,000 people already ordered to evacuate, the San Diego Police Department is preparing for community repression on the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality.

Several fires that started at higher elevations in East County are burning to the west towards the ocean, fueled by drought-dried fuel and driven by Santa Ana winds that are not expected to abate until late Tuesday. The Harris Fire is moving rapidly to the west toward Otay Lakes and Chula Vista. The Witch fire has crossed I-15 into Rancho Bernado, and could burn through Rancho Sante Fe (mandatory evacuation), Encinitas and Solana Beach (voluntary evacuation), as well as south through Lakeside and Santee.

With disaster looming, a public-service-oriented agency would be focusing on helping people. In contrast, the San Diego Police Department has put out a call (6:50am) for all officers to return to duty with vests, meaning kevlar ('bullet-proof') vests. Kevlar vests offer no effective, recognized protection against wildfires, and they do not assist people in evacuation or help feed or house people displaced by fire. Kevlar vests could be, however, very useful when intimidating, corralling and repressing displaced communities who might be seeking shelter or food in an unprepared city (as in New Orleans).

Although Dianne Jacobs (county supervisor) has been quoted as saying 'lives are more important in this kind of situation. Property can be replaced..', it is clear that the SDPD has something entirely different in mind.

A pep rally against the ongoing repression and murders by cops and la migra (for example, (1 | 2 | 3) will occur at 5:30pm today at 4th and Broadway, downtown

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You're really confused and misguided. i hope that not many find your link and if they do, i hope that they're independent free thinkers. in stark contrast to your article, consider that you're condemning a profession built around protection - for protecting themselves. if you truly think that the men and women who sought out that particulr job are as evil as you're making them out to be, then i pitty you.

i would love to see you handle yourself in an emergency situation without the help of a government like ours.

i am posting this from within the ring of fire in san diego - where i have seen countless good samaritans helping other people and an honest effort by everyone involved to make things better (vest and billy clubs or not). i don't care to look up where you're posting from.

You have got to be kidding


These guys put their lives on the line every day to uphold the law & you get pissed off they feel the need to wear bullet-proof vests? Yeah, the fires and the risk to life is the top priority, but the police have to deal with the potential looters, rapists & other vermin who are trying to take advantage of the situation.

Why don't you focus your anger toward the scum who would put a bullet in a police officers chest so they can steal someones TV while they evacuated to save their family?

I know there are corrupt cops out there. I know there are some that go to far with the use of force. I also know they are the small few that tarnish the good name of the majority who care about the people they try to protect.

I sincerely hope you open your eyes & see the source of the problem is not with the police, but the worthless impotent worms who fight against them. At the same time, the police must be kept accountable for their actions, so let their Internal Affairs folks do their jobs.

So quit wasting everyones time by posting your paranoid ramblings. Go grab some spare clothes, food & supplies & help out the people who have had to evacuate. That's what the majority of the police are doing

response to comments


jesus christ, i can't stand you people. (the ones leaving comments attacking the author.)

you act like merely questioning established order is a crime. how do you think this country was founded? do you think that a democracy just maintains itself? no, it's populace has to be actively and continually agitating for the best possible system. this includes keeping a very close eye on those we entrust with weapons and power who walk among us. do you really think that cops, and for that matter politicians, should just be left to do whatever they want with no oversight or criticism? go ahead and close your eyes and stay asleep if you want, but some of us actually believe in creating a better world, not being content with the flawed system we exist in.

human beings are cruel, terrible creatures, not fit to police one another. but we have to do the best we can, and a part of that is continually casting a critical eye on everything that police do.

and i have met good cops, and i do appreciate them. unfortunately, this has been the exception rather than the rule.

reply to John


I very much appreciate the need for the American citizens to keep an eye on those in a position of authority. But I have traveled the world and this country. I KNOW that most humans are good, honest people who want nothing more than to live in peace.

Your skewed view is obviously (in my humble opinion) a product of a corrupt media that only shows the horrors of the world to their own profit. The great thing about this country is that I don't have to agree with your opinion and you don't have to agree with mine.

Never do I say our leaders and protectors should be given free reign. You said "you act like merely questioning established order is a crime.", but that is far from the truth. I love the fact that you & others question authority. What I hate is that instead of questioning, you attack and try to smear the good name of all police. You want to make a difference, find specific examples of police corruption and take them through the legal system to address it. If you are too lazy to actually go through the proper process, then obviously your your hatred is with authority figures and not with the actual corruption that exists there.

Police & public officials ARE accountable. If you see a case where they are not, then take your evidence & give it to a judge. Don't try to use your scare tactics to sway public opinion with no purpose other than sowing the seeds of anger & fueling your own ego. And don't tell people that cops wearing bullet proof vests in potential riot situations is unacceptable. They need to stay alive to protect YOU.



Yes bullet proof vest will not help wildfires, but they will help when the house that you were evacuated from is being looted and sdpd is there to stop them!!!!! Way to think outside the box



You forgot the part where firemen fight fires and cops keep the peace. California logic is very strange.

cops dont fight fires?

smarter than you

Wow.......i forgot that firefighters did the firefighting. Are you suggesting that you would like the cops to just stay home when there are wildfires? Just like the amount of support i am sure you would get on your opinions from this site, the cops would be just as likely to be appreciative of your concern....i do agree that this state's logic is out of whack, however.
Yout logic- fire=peace, so why have police officers there when people are burning. Just wait for the firemen who patrol the streets in their fire cars. derrrrrrrrr!

The public is so cynical..........kudos to those on here who support police officers!