Marcha Migrante III at the Canadian Border

Enrique Morones (repost from e-mail)

Update on Marcha Migrante III - at the Canadian Border on Feb 12.

2/10 Spoke @ North West MECHA regional conference @ PSU.. 100 of the brightest minds in the NW makes us proud…Estella flies in from San Diego, we all do two hours on Portland public Radio…later we went to Liberty Hall and had a fantastic community forum, even saw some San Diegans there…Great activist activity…TU VOTO, ES TU VOZ

2/11 Vigil at Northwest Detention Facility in Tacoma..we meet Claudia w/baby…guards don’t let her see her husband…protest grows…she is later allowed to see husband…. very sad to see these families torn apart…she sold all her belonging to come from Wisconsin to Washington…and they tried to deny access…We shall overcome

We make it to Seattle for lunch meeting, Rebecca and Denise from SWC rejoin group, we later have a community forum, several local organization join us..we also have a local join caravan Miguel from Mexico City…we are on a role…su voto, es su voz !

2/12 Off to Canadian Border ELVIRA ARELLANO DENIED VISA AS SHE LANDS IN CANADA !!! Elvira not welcome!!! Something is terribly wrong with this picture. MORE TO COME. EH !

2/12 Sleepless in Seattle but MARCHA MIGRANTE continues as we make it to Blaine (border with Canada) ..after days of snow and rain the roads open up…the sun likes us and we like the sun…as we get to Peace Arch Park…we meet our brethren from Canada and other countries…at the international border..the park is open on both sides and we join in the center to share stories, prayers, unity”la gente Unida, jamas sera vencida”

We discuss with sadness the raids and separations of families…we already know Elvira Arellano will not be with us as she was denied entry once she arrived in Vancouver…but Elvira calls us and inspires and tells us she will meet caravan at the US/MEXICAN border upon our return on Sunday February 17 @ 1:00pm

We stress with more emphasis than ever…the need for Humane & Comprehensive immigration reform…SU VOTO ES SU VOZ…We meet in Bellingham for a wonderful meal…community gathering then we hit the long and winding snowy road to Yakima

Canadian Border to Yakima Washington…”roads closed because of snow”…wait a minute…once again….another miracle as sun comes out and smooth caravanning all the way to Yakima…sleep in beautiful church built in 1800’s and locals come to welcome and feed us…

2/13 Good morning Yakima…community gathering…press conference….clergy and comunidad … huge Latino community In the area…we share stories…register people to vote…enjoy posole before another long drive through roads that have been closed but again miraculously open for MARCHA MIGRANTE ! Nuestra gente inspira !!!

We make it to Boise late at night…welcomed by a beautiful “tapatilla”, our group sleeps at Boise State University cultural center… apoyo…everywhere…

2/14 Happy Valentines from Boise State University…Brown Berets are in the house, La Causa Vive…more to come...

MARCHA MIGRANTE III (Feb 2-17, 2008) San Diego to Canadian Border and back 6 States, multiple cities, and two international borders…tu voto, es tu voz!!!

Marcha Migrante I (rise up against 4437, no more deaths)
Marcha Migrante II (share stories on why we need humane immigration reform)
Marcha Migrante III (tu voto, es tu voz)

2/14 Boise, Idaho
2/15 Salt Lake City, Utah
2/16 Las Vegas, Nevada