Marcha Migrante III Update

Enrique Morones (repost from e-mail)

Update on Marcha Migrante III

MARCHA MIGRANTE III (Feb 2-17, 2008) San Diego to Canadian Border and back 6 States, multiple cities, and two international border…tu voto, es tu voz!!!

Marcha Migrante I (rise up against 4437, no more deaths)
Marcha Migrante II (share stories on why we need humane immigration reform)
Marcha Migrante III (tu voto, es tu voz)


2/2 Day 1 (3 cities) San Diego, Calexico, Coachella

Thanks to the 200 or so people that came to see us off on the Historic MARCHA MIGRANTE III. We even had the rejected minutemen of Caltrans fame seeing us off! (great video for CALTRANS TO SEE) Aztec dancers, prayers, Mexico’s Human Rights Commission and more that 50 organizations represented in a rousing send off of two dozen autos on our 4500 mile journey (one mile of every know death on the border)

Our first stop as tradition, was the Holtville Cemetery where 600+ of our more than 10,000 brethren that lost their lives since October of 1994(when operation gatekeeper began) are buried. We shared prayer and reflection before having dinner in Calexico…and heading to Coachella to sleep.

2/3 Day 2 (2 cities) Coachella, Los Angeles

Sleep, what sleep…when we arrived in Coachella late at night on Saturday the villagers were there to receive us with the warmth and charm that only a small town can deliver. We went to sleep at midnight then were suddenly awakened (5:00 am) by half the town with “las mananitas”, musica de danza, mariachis, flowers, food and even a short skit prepared by the locals in appreciation of our work and MARCHA MIGRANTE III. A wake up call we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives. At 700am we experienced one of the most beautiful Catholic masses I have ever attended…GRACIAS COACHELLA!

At noon we arrived at Placita Olvera and had a community meeting, then went to Plaza Mexico to spend the night. (National and local media, at every stop…su voto es su voz!)

2/4 Day 3 (3 Cities) Los Angeles, La Paz, 40 acres

We head to LA PAZ, to see the eternal resting place of our leader Cesar Chavez…Paul Chavez, his son meets us there and gives a moving story of his dad…and how important “MARCHA MIGRANTES I, II & III” have been. When we left LA, the roads were closed due to snow, but just as we approached LA PAZ, a miracle, the roads open before our eyes…Paul and all at LA PAZ are surprised we made it…SI SE PUEDE..KEEP THE FAITH

We then proceed to 40 acres where “el Movimiento” started…Where Cesar and Delores started the farm worker movement decades ago. Some of the very “campesinos” they worked shoulder to shoulder with share their stories… education.. priceless!!! We spend the night @ 40 acres.

2/5 Day 4 (2 cities) 40 acres, San Jose

We head to San Jose for Super Tuesday “record turnouts of Latinos and youth turn out to vote” !!! We hold a prayer vigil in the evening @ Pueblo Mexico…SU VOTO ES SU VOZ…lets pray the whoever is elected gives us the reform millions of us have marched for. We witness crosses in the sky, yes we have pictures. Mitt Romney withdraws from race!!! The power of prayer.

2/6 Day 5 (3 cities) San Jose, Sacramento, Redding

We head to our States Capitol where we meet with the offices of Latino Caucus chair Joe Coto and Senator Gil Cedillo, to publically thank their assistance in assuring that hate groups, like to minute men are not allowed to adopt freeways. We then hold a press conference on capitol steps. SU VOTO ES SU VOZ…We don’t adopt freeways, we own them…! We then hit the road..

2/7 Day 6 (2 cities) Redding, Medford: Oregon

Across the border to Oregon, beautiful mountain passages, we see Shasta, we arrive in Oregon…another heartwarming welcome THANK YOU MEDFORD. We have a wonderful community meeting with native drumming, dialogue, several press interviews, we continue to make the national news. Great organizing in Medford, a great sample of what is yet to come.

2/8 Day 7 (2 cities) Medford, Eugene

Eugene, maybe the true “America’s Finest City”…we are welcomed at the city’s human rights office…posole, great company, press conference then we head to the University of Oregon to meet with MECHA and later a native American lodge for food and community meeting. The true spirit of community…as locals take us in to their homes for lodging and fellowship…I spend the night with the Kitty…hold on now…she is the Mayor of Eugene and her husband, were great hosts..theme continues SU VOTO ES SU VOZ…Primaries in Oregon, Texas and several other states are yet to come…

2/9 Day 8 ( 2 cities) Eugene, Woodburn

Still in Oregon, we start @ Cesar Chavez elementary for a community meeting on voting, drivers licenses, and human rights. In after noon we head the city with the highest percentage of Latinos in the State, Woodburn. Very active and great organizing…we hear from the leadership of Woodburn and then do live and tape radio on the stations owned by PCUN. Impressive!

We will sleep in church tonight more to come soon…buenas noches

2/10 (2 cities Woodburn, Portland….Mecha @ 1100 PSU, Liberty Hall 730pm


Enrique Morones
Border Angels/Gente Unida

Remaining Schedule:

2/11 Seattle, Wa
2/13 Yakima, Wa
2/14 Boise, Idaho
2/15 Salt Lake City, Utah
2/16 Las Vegas, Nevada