We as Fallbrook residents evacuated

Ricardo Favela (posted by sdimc volunteer)

We as Fallbrook residents evacuated since early Monday and have been staying in Perris.

Fallbrook is still under mandatory evacuation, we were able to sneak
back into Fallbrook yesterday to see what the situation was for
ourselves since the media has given very little information that would
help us as evacuees understand what was going on. It seems that the
fire has been hitting hardest on the eastern side of Fallbrook and still has a ways
to go before entering into town.

I shot some video and put it on YouTube.


The North County Times Blog refuses to post my link to this video for reasons I don't
understand. I've seen on the blog that many people do not know what is going on in
and many believe the fire has reached certain parts of town that it has
not reached. Due to the lack of information, many people are worried
and this is the reason why we went back to town to see the situation
for ourselves. Yet the North County Times refuses to post my link to this video.

We also noted that many businesses were open which employ
Mexicanos/Latinos. Being that the air quality is very poor, we do not
understand why these businesses continue to remain open, especially
since the whole town has been evacuated.

We also witnessed the presence of the Border Patrol in areas far from the fire. Border
Patrol cruisers were roaming around Mexican/Latino communities and
their role in "assisting" is unclear.

Overall, there is a lack of information for us as evacuees. Being that many of us
left to
Riverside, the Riverside news stations mainly covered what was happening in Malibu,
and sometimes they would mention something about Rancho Bernardo.
There is little to no information about what is happening in Fallbrook, Valley
Center, Escondido and basically any other area besides Rancho Bernardo and Malibu.
We really don't give a damn about what Tom Cruise thinks about the fire in Malibu.
Therefore there is a need for independent media, independent
journalists to get involved if this is possible. I've created a blog
for the Fallbrook fire, (fallbrookfirenews.blogspot.com), but again, the North
County Times
won't post my comments for people to know about this resource. If
anyone can help in this effort, I can help create blogs which make it
simple for people to post messages, pictures and video. Please let me

Ricardo Favela