Obama Security Lax


Just what Bush needs to declare martial law.

O'bama's security is so horrible, that it looks to be intentional.

I saw footage last night that just blew me away. O'bama was walking across a concrete lot, in the near background were several multi-stored buildings as near as 100 yards away. There were no security agents within 10 feet of (the principle), most were 20 to 30 feet away, I don't believe any were as tall as he is, and I did not see an agent of color either.

There have been many threats already and he looks to be on a standard 'packet'. With threats already made, he should be on 'special packet' that should include at least 8 agents as tall or taller. 4 each for both a front and rear fan design. He should never have been taken across that parking lot in the complete open under any circumstances. Your average deer hunter can be deadly accurate at those distances.

In the handshake crowd, there should be an additional 2 tall agents directly in front about 4 foot back from the line. Standard protection in the line should be as it is but to include the taller agents both in front and behind the principle.

The footage I saw was just unbelieveable. This nation has a sordid history of gunning down progressive leadership. In a time of economic hardship, there are internal pressures that build in those who see their economic world crashing down, nothing left to loose, throw in some racism and that creates extreme danger for O'bama.

I bring this up fo 2 reasons, not only does he need 'special packet' protection to keep him secure, but his killing and the explosion in the city streets would be the prime trigger point for just what bush and cheney really want, martial law and the delay or cancellation of the election. This would work perfectly for them and their 'unfinished agenda'.

This lack of protection needs public posting, this site is monitored and that is a good start, once this security lapse is posted, there can not be any denial that this was not 'foreseen'.