Time is long past due to STOP THE KILLER KOPS in our country. Watch and learn how this is done; but don't just sit idly by, for you are likely to be their next victim.

The time is come to identify and to publish the names and background information of all law enforcement officials (and all military or para-military personnel) who participate in the killing of our fellow Americans, AS THOUGH IN THE LINE OF DUTY.

The data to be disclosed must include all members of SWAT, FBI agents and operatives, and all other badge toting assassins (INCLUDING ALL SUCH MEMBERS OF POLICE DEPARTMENTS, ALL SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES, ALL STATE POLICE TROOPERS, ETC.) who swoop in open faced, anonymously, or hooded and who murder (or who have killed in the past) so-called 'suspects' in their phony investigations. The names of the corrupt judges who sign the bogus search or arrest warrants which thereafter impliedly authorize the de-facto assassinations must also be included in the public disclosure.

Inasmuch as the media also cover up the killers' identities, the names of media staff who refuse to publish the identifying data must also be reported to the people.

This report (which is an hypothetical) does not solicit information; neither is this potential appeal an offer, nor an acceptance of the material referenced herein.

The time is NOW to STOP KILLER KOPS.