Caltrans Says NOT to hate

Fredric L. Rice ( frice [at] )

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To/From: "Lynne Cory"

Thank you for your comments regarding the California Department of
Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway Program.

Caltrans has announced its decision to relocate the San Diego Minutemen
from its Adopt-A-Highway location on northbound Interstate 5 near the San
Onofre Border Checkpoint to another location along State Route 52 in San
Diego County.

In consultation with our partners at the California Highway Patrol, the
Department has concluded that the Minutemen’s participation in the
Adopt-A-Highway Program at the current location poses a significant safety
risk. The risk is in the potential for disruption to the operation of the
state highway as well as public safety concerns for the traveling public
and volunteers in the program.

A letter has been sent to the San Diego Minutemen outlining details of the
decision, and also includes notice of a review into possible actions by the
group that may violate guidelines for appropriate participation in the
litter cleanup program. The Department will pursue this review in an
expeditious fashion.

Under the Adopt-A-Highway eligibility criteria, entities that advocate
violence, violation of law, or discrimination based on race, religion,
color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition,
marital status, age, sex or sexual orientation may not participate in the

Caltrans will rescind any permit for the Adopt-A-Highway Program upon
confirmation that an organization does not meet eligibility criteria.

Pedro Orso-Delgado
District Director
Caltrans, District 11 (San Diego and Imperial Counties)