Want to "Sock It To" Bush and OPEC?

Ken Augustine

Fight those greedy,manipulating bastards back with "Stop Your Engines Day!"

Want to Sock It To Dubya Bush and OPEC? Then start leaving your automobile 1 or 2 working days a month!

Proposal - To select one day (as a start) in each month as a day of rest for your automobile,and so also relief from its negative effects on our environment.
**Leaving your automobile at home,just one or 2 working days in a month is enough amazingly,in North America,to save hundreds of millions of gallons of gasoline from being used and this will have a number of positive effects,from dropping gas prices owing to having created a surplus.Also if gasoline prices are lower,then this will have an effect on lowering prices across the board on a lot of consumer goods and services because the transportation costs re gasoline,are lower as a result. The air quality in major urban centers will be much improved on this Stop-Your-Engines-Day plus these cities will have a surreal look and feel because it will be so strange (and beautiful) to walk around the streets that have no frantic,noisy traffic jams on them.


I think to start the last thursday in each month would be a very good day to "Stop-Your-Engines" and leave your polluting,gas guzzling car,van or truck at home. The reason because the last thursday in each month is a better or at least a less painful day to leave your auto at home (compared to say the last friday) because people get off work on that day for the weekend and they usually have a lot planned from shopping to clubbing to going on trips.Thursday would be a good day for a "trial run" on reclaiming our environment from the ravages of the gasoline powered automobile including noise,traffic jams,asphalt infestation and the unsustainable (but preventable) pollution and poisioning of our breathable atmosphere.

Not in my country!


It just couldn't work because most Americans would rather put up with Bush & Cheney than give up their cars for even one day a month! The Green Revolution? Ha! Not in America as long as automobiles are still powered by gasoline!