San Diego Indymedia Projects

Below are a list of some of the projects of the San Diego Independent Media Center has been working on over the past ~four years, and their status:

New website: SDIMC is developing a new drupal-based website with pages for music groups and community/activist groups. The newspage part of the web site became operational in Oct 2011 and we are expecting to activate the community and music page in early to mid 2012. Will need outreach, translators and editors. Active

Web site design and hosting in collaboration with actvist/community groups in the local area Active

Video Editing and Documentary Making in collaboration with local community/activist groups. Active

City Heights Farmers Market: SDIMC provides internet access on laptops at a booth at the market, and occasional tech advice. A bicycle-powered generator to power the laptops has been developed and more or less works, with a few quirks. Plans/hopes: expand internet access (# laptops), bilingual, workshop on building an inexpensive bike generator, workshops on photo and video editing, computer repair assistance. Inactive

SD Indymedia Radio: Live at the City Heights Farmers Market: a new internet-streamed radio show 9am-1pm Saturday mornings. Still having some tech/power probs, but basically working. Trying to have one musician/interview/music segment and one discussion segment per week. In the future hope to get community members/groups to take responsibility for 15-30min segments each week. Barely Inactive

SDIMC Video Noozreal: this project will focus on providing access to cameras and editing facilities for those who don't normally have it and provide up to date info on activist and community events in the San Diego region. The Noozreal was tried at the end of 2007, but its a lot of work, so is on hold... The part of loaning cameras and editing assistance for community groups is ongoing (slow)

San Diego Indymedia INKED: A print edition of the San Diego Indymedia website. SDIMC has issued a number of special editions of INKED (PDFs: Cucapa Camp, Police Brutality, UCSD and Prisons, Borders, Oct2007 Fires, No Borders Camp) and hopes to start regular issues soon. At the end of Jan 2012 we put out a bilingual special issue summarizing Enero Zapatista 2012 events Our eventual goal for INKED and for the SDIMC website is for them to be completely bilingual. Here are the old issues:
and the Enero Zapatista issue:
On hold waiting for new volunteers...

A mobile media unit that allows us to upload video, audio, stories and breaking news to the SDIMC website from events and actions, as well as provide media and internet access to those who don't have it. SDIMC tested a preliminary version of the unit at benefits for Groundwork Books and the No Borders Camp and a protest in solidarity with Elvira Arellano, and we are currently working on improvements. If you know of an event or meeting where the mobile media unit might be helpful, let us know! Kind of still ongoing