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All Peace & Freedom Party Candidates have been invited to participate in San Diego's political forum. The public is invited to attend this forum where all candidates will be allowed to present their platforum and political ideas.

All seven candidates for US President on the February 5 Peace and Freedom Party primary ballot have been invited to attend forums in Riverside on January 15 and San Diego on January16. Two have confirmed that they will attend, and at least one other will be represented by a spokesperson. This is the only opportunity for Peace and Freedom voters in Southern California to meet their candidates. The candidates for the nomination of this strongly anti-war party are expected to stake out positions well to the left of the Democratic and Republican candidates for President. The San Diego forum will be held at the Hot Monkey Love Cafe, 6875 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego CA 92115, from 7 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday, January16, 2008. E-mail Janice Jordan at for further information.

I prefer Peace and Freedom party over the Greens


I prefer Peace and Freedom party over the Greens .. I like their openly Socialist stance . I do have to say what that means depends on who you talk to . i had one Peace and Freedom leader tell me that Sweden is a goal to aspire to . Others have said that yes, Cuba is a workers paradise . (i've been there . It isn't ! )
I think we in the most powerful capitalist country can aspire to a far different type of a truly democratic socialist society than either Semi-Stalinist Cuba or Social Democratic but very capitalist Sweden .
But the Green campaign rally had over a thousand and all their candidates appeared. A friend of mine peeped in at the Peace and Freedom event and left. She said that none of their candidates even showed up and the average age in the audience was 60 ! And there were only 30 or 40 even there .
Peace and Freedom party has got to get it's act together . In the meantime i have to stay with the Greens .

(I was writing about the San francisco rallies) -- If there was any doubt