T(A)G Attacks and Vandalizes Tacoma Condos



In the city of Tacoma, WA, over the span of several days, members of Tacoma Anti-Gentrification have paint-bombed condos, smashed condo windows and disabled the vehicles of condo dwellers.

Tacoma Anti-Gentrification is a collection of individuals who wish to halt the shameless takeover of our city. Gentrification is an act of war on the part of the government and corporations against the population of the United States.

This aggression must be opposed by any and all means. These actions were in done in solidarity with the people of New Orleans and everyone else in the US who is currently watching their city being invaded by the rich and their condos.


THIS is how you do it!

Seen to many yuppies already

It's about time someone did this. Condo builders AND their customers in gentrification areas are invading settlers and should be treated as such. There is NO time to lose in booting yuppies out of neighborhoods they invade-they must be driven out immediately or so many will come as to make them unstoppable.

Native American resistance leader Tecumseh(late 18th/early 19th century European calender) once remarked that there was a time when burning a few dozen settler cabins in the Kan-tuck-kee hunting grounds(known as Kentucky to the Americans) would have stopped the invasion cold, but by the time Shawnee warriors started doing this it was too late and there were so many that they could never remove enough settlers to stop it at that time.

In Occupied New Orleans there were threats to burn condos down (the FBI calling the fliers that went up "terrorist threats") if public housing was demolished, but whoever put up the posters has so far not delivered on the threat.