Sherman Heights Resists Border Patrol Violence

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On Saturday, over forty community members in Sherman Heights met in the cold rain and wind to protest the reckless, violent apprehension and beating of a young man by the border patrol the previous day.

According to a witness, two border patrol agents, one in a car and one on foot, were chasing three young men in the vicinity of 28th and L Street Friday morning. The agent in the car was driving recklessly, at high speeds, including running up onto a sidewalk. At one point in the chase, the agent was trapped between two vehicles in a narrow street. After a period of time apparently deemed sufficient for the young men to run away, one of the blocking vehicles moved, and the agent backed up at high speed out onto L (?) Street. Meanwhile, the agent on foot was chasing one of the young men, who appeared to be exhausted from running, towards this spot. The border patrol agent in the car jumped out, grabbed the young man by his shirt and threw him from the sidewalk onto his stomach on the ground in the street, without regard for traffic. The agent then picked the young man up by the shirt, and threw him back towards the sidewalk, where his head struck the curb. At this point, community members started to approach the scene, yelling at the agent to stop beating the young man. The agent quickly put the young man into the car and drove off. Apparently, the other two young men escaped.

At the demonstration, speakers talked about the toll that border patrol and police violence takes on communities and families, the relationship of this violence to the border and regional and global issues, and the need to organize the community for resistance.

For reasons only a far-right wingnut would understand, fox news interviewed noted human rights abuser SDPD captain Chris Ball, who apparently was heading up SDPD's represssion efforts at the demonstration. Undercovers were taking pictures of protesters.

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