San Diego's 2007 Titans of Conscience (and its Piss-ants Too)

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Everyone has lists at year-end. Here is mine. Both for the four most wonderfully vital members of our activist community, who's very lives reach out and create change by their depth and breath.
Also, the four worst San Diegans. For me, they are piss-ants; selfish, little, grubbing insects.
Let's all work hard this new year to make peace, justice and environmental sustainanbility happen.
San Diego’s 2007 Titans of Conscience (and Its Piss-ants Too)

Titans of Conscience

1.Enrique Marones of Border Angeles is a tireless human rights activists,
a warm human being and a man of spiritual depth. From humble beginnings,
setting simple water jugs out in the desert, his border justice work is
valued and respected, from the President of Mexico to the American Friends
Service Committee

2.Carol Jahnkow, director of the Peace Resource Center, for almost a third
of a century, has devoted her life to peace in our community and the
world. She is the Mother Teresa of the San Diego peace community, the
Mother Jones of the justice activists and a modern Emma Goldman to young

3. Scott Dreher is a San Diego attorney who quietly and methodically
supports the homeless members of our community. His legal work, suing the
city for its vicious persecution of the poorest of the poor through
illegal lodging ordinances, stopped San Diego's war on the homeless in its
tracks. His recent lawsuit is an attempt to protect a church's right to
minister free food to the hungry.

4.Danae Kelly is a young, San Diego animal rights activist, who spent 80
days in jail to protect our constitutional rights of free speech and free
assembly. Starving and sick in custody, she nonetheless, continued to
refuse food from slaughtered or exploited animals. She has been targeted,
as have several radical youth, by SDPD and was arrested on bogus charges
at a recent demonstration.

Top Four Piss-ants of San Diego:

1.Susan Davis, millionaire congresswoman, who pretends to represent the
average San Diego citizen, whilst scooping in millions of dollars both
personally and politically from war profiteering corporations.

Her vote in 2007 to continue funding the Iraq War, kissing the hand that feeds,
political lap-dancing for the CEO’s that guard her political future;
cost the lives of an additional 500, or so, young Americans and prolonged
the bloodshed for millions of innocent Iraqis. Do piss-ants have a

2.Tom Story, is the 2007 poster-boy for San Diego municipal corruption.
After his boss at Sunroad, Aaron Feldman leaned on Mayor Sanders (a
beneficiary of Feldman’s wealth), the dominoes fell in rapid succession.

The San Diego Oligarchy formed ranks around one of their own; even though
it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Story broke
the law (municipal ordinances that prohibit former city employees from
lobbying or pressuring staff to benefit a proposed project on which they
worked). Police Chief William Lansdown, illegally ignored a court order,
signed by a Superior Court Judge to search Sunroad, allowing them to
destroy important evidence.

The Union-Tribune began a smear campaign against the city attorney, who had
launched an investigation into Story’s crimes in particular, and Feldman’s influence
peddling, in general. Sander’s lined up the Police Chief, the District Attorney, and the County
Sheriff as well as a couple of bought judges to attack Aguirre’s investigation and preserve
the quid-pro-quid between wealthy developers and local politicians.

Story, so far, has escaped prosecution for his criminal activity. In
fact, as 2007 draws to a close he was last seen successfully wheeling
and dealing with Mayor Sanders, getting the city to sign off on
allowing an environmentally illegal, dangerous, ugly transformer
station to remain smack-dab in the middle of a proposed Sunroad condominium project.
This saves Feldman millions, increases Story’s bonus and allows the Mayor to
send a message to developers that the oligarchy still owns San Diego city government.

Feldman, in the meantime, using Story’s influence in the Planning
Department, and lying through his teeth, saved an additional million or
two by avoiding discretionary permits, California Environmental Impact
studies and city impact fees by claiming the proposed condo projects
were apartments, to be changed when the project was 90% completed.

With Mayor Sanders reelection virtually assured, awash in developer campaign
contributions, corruption at City Hall will continue, Story will become
rich and we taxpayers will foot the bill. Now, that’s enough to piss-off even a fire-ant!

3.Bonnie Dumanis, who reflects the worst in our Gay and Lesbian community.
Her pandering to the San Diego oligarchy, an obsession to be one of the
good ‘ol boys, to further her political career, follows in the putrid
tradition of Clarence Thomas and Condie Rice.

Her ganging up (with the mayor, police chief and county sheriff) on
the city attorney; attempting to take away his ability to
investigate and prosecute corporate criminals and municipal staff
reflects the strangle hold wealth has over San Diego officials.

As if the selling of the District Attorney’s office wasn’t enough, her
unwillingness to investigate police abuses and crimes is an affront to
fairness, legal equality and constitutional justice.

She has gone further in the political protections racket for rogue cops than any
other. Nothing reflects her police state mentality better than her
attempt to give former Deputy Lowell Bruce a few years in prison for
cold-bloodedly shooting his wife in front of their 4-year-old son. When
the Superior Court’s Supervising Judge, refused to go along with the
plea bargain, suggesting that the lenient sentence she offered was way
out of line with the 40-year-to-life sentence usually demanded by
prosecutors, he handed the case to El Cajon Superior Court Judge Allan
J. Preckel, who agreed. Dumanis is now trying to get Prekel removed
from the case.

She attempts to make herself even more wealthy and powerful by teaming
up with rich developers like Chula Vista mogul, Jim Pieri. She
reportedly filed bogus charges against a Chula Vista councilman Steve
Castaneda, because he opposed a Pieri condo project. While he brings in
the campaign funds from fellow developers, she pays him an outrageous $71,328
a month for a mere office (with taxpayer funds.)

Her machinations and manipulations have made her the little, Miss J.
Edgar Hoover of San Diego; a piss-ant trying to be a queen bee. Hoover
was a queen, wearing laced underwear and trying to rule Presidents and
a nation with police power. Like closeted Hoover, Dumanis betrays the
equality and humanity of our beloved Gay Liberation movement.

4.Valerie O’Sullivan, so-called “aggrieved ocean swimmer,” who, despite
thousands of miles of coastline, uses her La Jolla wealth to manipulate
the legal system against the only public seal rookery in Southern

Even though the seal colony at La Jolla is protected under the
Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, with the National Marine Fisheries Service
asking the city to guard the seals, especially during their birthing
season (from mid-January to May); she continues to persecute these
innocent creatures in the courts.

O’Sullivan represents the Capitalist-Imperialist mindset that will see, over the next Century,
more than half of all known species wiped out. Her arrogance, selfishness and
twisted, little piss-ant brain, reflects the future in a corporate-owned
world - isolation, separation from nature, an inability to transcend the
sadistic nature of domination.

Let's salute the San Diego Titans and Step on the Piss-ants!

Happy New Year everyone!
Peace and Love, Rocky

Rocky Neptun is a free-lance journalist with Media Left and author of the
upcoming book, "San Diego: 1st City of Empire," to be published in March,