California Court Vindicates State Law… Again!

Americans for Safe Access

***California Court Vindicates State Law… Again!***
***San Diego County challenge to state ID card is rejected***
Dear ASA Supporter,

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) scored another major victory for medical
cannabis patients in California yesterday when the Fourth District Court of
Appeal ruled that federal law does not trump the state's medical marijuana
laws. The unanimous ruling reaffirms a 2007 San Diego County Superior Court
decision, and removes one of the last legal barriers to full implementation of
California’s laws.

This is just the latest in a string of legal victories for ASA, and we need
your help to keep fighting for patients’ rights in court. Please take a
moment to make a special contribution to ASA today!

ASA intervened to represent the interests of legal patients in a lawsuit filed
by the County of San Diego in 2006, which challenged the validity of the
state’s medical cannabis laws. ASA has been fighting since then to stop the
effort to roll back medical cannabis rights in California. This victory clearly
establishes that state law is not preempted by federal law – an issue that
has held back full implementation of Proposition 215 and other legislation in
San Diego County until now.

ASA has made big strides in protecting and expanding patients’ rights
already. Yesterday’s ruling opens a new chapter in that campaign, as
California cities and counties are now on notice that they must respect state
medical cannabis laws. ASA is going to be aggressively promoting this new legal
reality across the state – but we urgently need your continued support to
make the most of this victory.

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ASA’s legal work in California:

Our long-awaited victory in the San Diego County case reinforces important
return of property victories against the California Highway Patrol (2005) and
the City of Garden Grove (2007). This is the kind of long-term, strategic legal
work that takes expertise, know-how, and patience. ASA has proven it can do
this work and win for patients. All we need is your help!

Thank you for your continued support of ASA!


Don Duncan
California Director
Americans for Safe Access

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