Thanks to Everyone For Your Support Covering Indybay's Costs

indybay volunteers ( sfbay-web [at] )

We want to send a big THANKS! to all the people, organizations, collectives, and movements that have helped to cover Indybay's financial costs. We recognize these donations as an expression of appreciation for Indybay and the Indymedia websites we host.

Now that Indybay will continue, thanks to your great support, we want to clarify that it would not only be impossible to maintain the website without this generous economic support, but Indybay also depends on your timely and important contributions of articles, reports, audio, video and photos.

While the corporate media is controlled by special interest groups, Indymedia is a resource for each and every one of us to bring out into the open the issues that the corporate media will not and can not cover.

We encourage people to get down with, and become Indybay.

Make media, make trouble, and transform the world into a better place.

Thanks again for your support and remember to Publish your news!!!

-- indybay volunteers

Sustianing Does Wonders


I want to encourage people to become sustainters of indybay, I did it a while ago.

I used to give to Peace Action West on a monthly basis, and i feel my money is much better used supporting indybay.

10 bucks a month = 120 a year